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Validate an account name (CoP)

Validate an account name (CoP)

Use Confirmation of Payee (CoP) to validate a UK counterparty's account name against their account number and sort code when adding a counterparty or making a payment to a new or existing counterparty.

For more details, see: Tutorials: Validate an account name (CoP).


Confirmation of Payee is an account name checking system in the UK that helps clients to make sure payments aren't sent to the wrong bank or building society account.

When performing the check, you must specify the account type by providing the name for either an individual (personal account) or a company (business account).


The CoP check does not protect you against all kinds of fraud. It only checks if the name you provided for an account matches that account's details.
Even if the counterparty's details match, you should still exercise due caution when transferring funds.

This functionality is only available to UK-based businesses. If you would like to make use of it, please contact Revolut API Support.


Counterparty account details

Body object


Account name validation result

Body object
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