Merchant API


Customer objects enable you to track multiple transactions associated with the same customer.

A Customer object can be created in the following ways:

  • Automatically: When an order is paid without customer ID and there is enough information to identify a customer, the customer is created automatically.
  • Manually: Use the Create a customer endpoint to create a customer.

You can then retrieve, update and delete a customer using its id.

You can save the payment methods of a customer using the payment_method object. Payment methods are used to make transactions. A merchant can store the details of the payment securely and group transactions from the same payment method.

A payment method is unique for each customer. For example, if the same card is used for a transaction by two different customers, two payment method objects are created.


You cannot create a payment method explicitly because they are generated as part of a payment. You can only retrieve, update or delete a payment method, or you can retrieve all payment methods of a customer.

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