Merchant API


The Customers resource in the Merchant API is a pivotal tool for tracking and managing customer-related transactions within your e-commerce or retail platform. This resource provides a structured approach to customer management, enabling you to maintain a consistent record of customer transactions.

A Customer object can be created using the Create a customer endpoint and you can then retrieve, update and delete a customer using its id. Customer objects enable you to track multiple transactions in your system associated with the same customer in the Merchant API.

You can save and store payment methods of a customer in the payment_method object, for more information, see: Charge a customer's saved payment method. A merchant can store the details of the payment securely and group transactions from the same payment method in their system.

A payment method is unique for each customer. For example, if the same card is used for a transaction by two different customers, two payment method objects are created linked to each customer.

Similar principle applies when saving payment methods via Revolut Pay for merchant initiated transaction (MIT - useful for recurring payments). If a customer saves their details through Revolut Pay for MIT in separate sessions, each session will create a new payment method object linked to the customer.


You cannot create a payment method explicitly because they are generated as part of a payment. You can only retrieve, update or delete a payment method, or you can retrieve all payment methods of a customer.

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