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2. Prepare your Sandbox environment

2. Prepare your Sandbox environment

The Sandbox environment is a non-production environment that you can use to test your integration with the Business API.

To prepare your Sandbox environment, create a Sandbox Business account first. Then, you can use mock data and test your application safely in a simulated environment.

Creating a Sandbox account is quick and doesn't require providing any personal data.


The Business API uses different host addresses depending on the environment:

  • Production:
  • Sandbox:

To use the Business API with your Sandbox account, make sure that you use the correct host address for the endpoints that you want to test.

Where there are multiple versions of the API available, make sure to use the correct version in the URL. For example, for Webhooks v2, use:


The Sandbox and production accounts are not connected in any way, so make sure you use the appropriate credentials for each.

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