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Send money

Send money

With the Business API, you have the option to send money to a counterparty in a few ways:

Payouts overview

  • Bank transfer: A regular transfer to a bank account or a similar account. If you make the payment to another Revolut account, the transaction is executed instantly. To send the money via bank transfer, you need to know the counterparty's details.


    To send money to Revolut accounts, you can also use Revtags.

  • Card transfer: A transfer to a non-Revolut credit or debit card.

  • Payout link: To send money via link, you only need the recipient's name. You create a link and share it with the intended recipient. The recipient then uses this link to claim the money. For the payment to be successful, the recipient must claim the money before the link expires.

For more details, see the dedicated guides.


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