Merchant Web SDKs

Introduction to the Revolut Merchant Web SDKs

Welcome to the Revolut Merchant Web SDKs documentation, your comprehensive guide to integrating advanced payment solutions into your e-commerce platforms. Our Web SDKs are powerful tools designed to transform the online payment experience. They provide merchants with various benefits to improve their payment processes and enhance customer satisfaction.

This documentation covers several SDKs:

  1. Revolut Checkout SDK: This SDK is a robust solution for accepting card payments directly on your website, offering both an embedded card field and pop-up options. It is also essential for handling payment requests, enabling smooth integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  2. Revolut Pay Web SDK: This SDK allows you to integrate Revolut Pay into your website, enabling your customers to make fast and secure payments via Revolut Pay. It's designed to simplify your checkout process by offering a frictionless payment experience.
  3. Promotional Widget SDK: Designed to engage and reward customers post-purchase, this SDK displays a promotional banner encouraging customers to join Revolut, fostering customer loyalty and promoting your partnership with Revolut.

Key advantages of Revolut Merchant Web SDKs

  • Simplified initialisation: The SDKs make it incredibly simple to initialise various payment methods offered by Revolut, eliminating the need for complex implementations.
  • PCI compliance through iframe: Initiating payments via an iframe not only simplifies the integration process but also aids in maintaining PCI compliance.
  • Backend orchestration: These SDKs efficiently orchestrate calls to the backend, ensuring all possible customer scenarios are handled effectively, providing a seamless payment experience.
  • Continuous updates: The SDKs are continuously updated to reflect the latest improvements in payment methods, ensuring that merchants always have access to the most advanced features without additional effort.

This documentation includes practical integration examples and tutorials to guide you through implementing these SDKs on your website.

The Revolut Merchant Web SDKs are your gateway to a world of streamlined, secure, and customer-friendly online payment solutions. Whether you're looking to integrate card payments, Revolut Pay, or promotional tools like the Upsell Widget, these SDKs provide the capabilities you need to stay ahead in the fast-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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