Merchant API


The Locations API is designed to allow merchants to manage multiple online storefronts. Registering locations lets you differentiate and group your orders from different stores. You can also introduce custom processes for your orders on each location.

For example, you can enable Revolut Pay with Fast checkout and run different address validations or have different shipping price applied on each location.

To start using locations, you need to do the following:

  1. Register an online location using the Create a location endpoint.

  2. Optionally, if you wish to use locations with Revolut Pay - Fast checkout, then register multiple address validation endpoints with the location_id parameter pointing to your locations.


    For more information about this step, see: Set up webhook for address validation

  3. Configure your custom processes on your backend for each registered location (e.g., grouping orders, address validation, custom pricing, etc.).


    For more information about address validation for Fast checkout, see: Set up your backend to respond to address validation requests

  4. Send the location_id parameter in the request body during order creation to assign the order to a specific location.

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