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Introduction to Revolut Pay

The following pages contain information about the integration process of the Revolut Pay SDK.

Using the Revolut Pay SDK lets you accept Revolut Pay payments through your website and apps.

There are two separate guides for iOS and Android, helping to integrate the Revolut Pay SDK and the Revolut Pay button in your apps.

What is Revolut Pay?

Revolut Pay is a fast, easy and secure way for customers to make transactions to businesses. It provides a single gateway for a business to accept payments made from any card, or the customer's Revolut bank account.

Consumers benefit from having their payment details stored for easy access. Revolut Pay also supports convenient experiences like express checkout, where users' address and delivery data are handled by Revolut to save the user from filling lengthy forms every time. Secure authentication allows us to support checkout in as little as 1 click.

Get access to a growing, global customer base of over 40 Million customers and benefit from boosted conversions:

  • Average payment authorisation rate of 98.5%
  • Payment completed in seconds
  • Cart abandonment rate falls below 10% for these purchases
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Why choose Revolut?

  • We offer low and transparent fees. We charge you only per successfully processed transaction, and our fees start from 1%+£0.2. Refunds are free, and there are no monthly fees.
  • Receive the money in your bank account in 24 hours. Fast and easy settlement ensures a steady cashflow.
  • Accept and settle payments in 25+ currencies. Hold the original currency in your Revolut Business account until you decide to spend or convert it.
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How does Revolut Pay work?

  1. Sign up with your phone number to Revolut Pay
  2. Add a card issued by any bank to pay with
  3. Click Revolut Pay button to pay

How do I get Revolut Pay?


As a merchant, follow the steps outlined on the following pages, beginning with Apply for a Merchant account.

Revolut Pay is available as a plugin from the following providers:

Web and Mobile SDKs

You can also integrate Revolut Pay directly into your website or apps. Guides are available for:

Furthermore, a suite of APIs provide support for security, reporting and management of your payment workflows, while our brand materials pages (Marketing guidelines, Revolut Pay button guidelines) have resources to complete the user journey.

You can use our self-hosted checkout pages to let your customers pay with their preferred payment method, including Revolut Pay. For more information, see: Accept payments via Payment links.

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