Business API
Business API

Business API

As a Revolut Business customer, you can use the Business API to automate your own business processes. Save time, reduce your costs, and avoid errors by using the Business API.

You can view accounts, manage counterparties, make payments or currency exchanges without manual effort in the Web UI.

To get started using the Business API, check the user guide.

To see the reference for the specific endpoints and operations of this API, browse the menu on the left.

You can test the Business API in Postman:

View in Postman


Access Token

Each Business API request must contain an authorization header in the following format to make a call: Bearer <your_access_token>.

The access token will be obtained the first time you set up your application and has an expiration of 40 minutes. During setup, a refresh_token will also be obtained which allows to obtain a new access_token.

Access tokens can be issued with three security scopes and require a JWT (JSON Web Token) signature to be obtained:

  • READ: Permissions for GET operations.
  • WRITE: Permissions to update counterparties, webhooks, and issue payment drafts.
  • PAY: Permissions to initiate or cancel transactions and currency exchanges.

In order to configure your JWT and obtain the refresh and first access tokens, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up for a Revolut Business account
  2. Prepare your Sandbox environment
  3. Make your first API request
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