Revolut Pay marketing assets and guidelines

Revolut Pay marketing assets and guidelines

Let your customers know about checking out with Revolut Pay - a fast, flexible and secure way to pay.

Download the Revolut Pay guidelines

Messaging on your website and mobile

Use messaging within your app or on your website to let customers know that they can check out with Revolut Pay. Highlight the ease and security that comes with using Revolut Pay.

Web banners

Choose from our approved banners to use on your website and let customers know that they can check out with Revolut Pay. If promoting an incentive - be sure to emphasise that Revolut Pay rewards are only available to new Revolut users who sign up after their purchase is completed.

If you would like to create web banners that are more suited for your business, please have your assets reviewed and approved by Revolut. You can do this by contacting your Account Manager or, if you don't have one, reach out to our support agents via chat.

Download the Revolut Pay marketing banners

Using the Revolut Pay mark

The Revolut Pay mark is available in both white and black. The black logo should only be used on light backgrounds and the white option should only be used on darker backgrounds.

There should always be at least one 'R' between the wordmark and any other element. Other colour options are not available. Do not alter the artwork in any way or create your own version of the Revolut Pay mark. Use only the artwork provided by Revolut.

Download the Revolut Pay mark

Dos and don'ts

  • Do

  • Use only the artwork provided by Revolut.
  • Use the Revolut Pay mark when other payment identities are also displayed in a similar format.
  • Use the mark in marketing communications when the main message of the communication promotes Revolut Pay.
  • Don't

  • Do not create your own version of the Revolut Pay mark.
  • Do not alter Revolut artwork in any way. Do not adjust the width or the aspect ratio of the artwork.
  • Do not display a mark that is smaller than other payment identities in a similar format.
  • Do not translate the word "Pay" within the Revolut Pay mark.
  • Do not add messages to the mark.
  • Do not add visual effects such as shadows, glows, or reflections to the mark.
  • Do not flip, rotate, or animate the mark.

Editorial guidelines

Suggested messaging

You can use the suggested messaging below to promote Revolut Pay in promotions, or you can develop your own copy related to your offer. Always follow the guidelines for using the name Revolut Pay and the associated logo described on this page.

Recommended messaging for in-app or web:

Faster. Safer. Easier. Checkout with Revolut Pay

Send, save and shop smarter. Get Revolut for all things money

Incentive messaging

Revolut will offer up to £20 for new users who download the app, complete their profile and make one eligible purchase of at least £5 after they check out using Revolut Pay. Revolut is not responsible for other incentives offered, but should be briefed on all incentives being offered to users to ensure they adhere to brand guidelines.

Recommended incentive messaging for in-app or web:

Get up to £20 reward when you check out with Revolut Pay

Checkout with Revolut Pay using your debit or credit card. Download the Revolut app and create your account in minutes. Your reward will be added to your account automatically

Social messaging

Announce the partnership and availability of Revolut Pay on your social media or share the announcement that we have posted on our Revolut social channels. You can include a screenshot of your payment page with the Revolut Pay button. Make sure that the screenshot reflects the authentic purchase process.



What is Revolut Pay?

Revolut Pay is a smart checkout and payment method available to any online customers regardless of whether they have a Revolut account or not. It allows customers to save their details, so that they can check out faster in the future. If you have a Revolut account, the payment will be debited from it. If you do not, the payment will be debited from the card you provide

How do I use Revolut Pay?

Simply choose Revolut Pay as your payment method at the checkout. If you've previously used Revolut Pay, you'll be asked to confirm your details. If you're using it for the first time, you'll need to input them first. We may ask for further verification as well.

What are the main benefits of Revolut Pay for my customers?

  • Convenience - They will not need to input their card. Once Revolut Pay is set up for the first time, cards are saved across stores and websites, so they benefit from a 1-click checkout experience.
  • Security - By making a payment within the Revolut ecosystem, your customers will know that their payment is secure and protected.
  • Rewards - Earn rewards when signing up to Revolut and get access to tons of features in the Revolut app.

What are the main benefits of Revolut Pay for me as a Merchant?

  • Increased conversion - By reducing the number of actions a customer needs to do to check out.
  • Accelerated settlement - When customers pay using their Revolut account balance, the funds will be available to you immediately. When using their card, you will be able to access the funds 24h after the payment has been made.
  • Lower fees - When customers pay using their Revolut account balance, you will keep more of what they pay. Reach out to your account manager for a full explanation of our pricing.

How can customers redeem the £20 reward offer?

They can simply head to the checkout once they have added their items to the basket and choose Revolut Pay to make a payment. If they were interested in the offer, we will email them to create a new account. Once inside their account they just need to make one of the qualifying actions to instantly receive their reward.


Please note that this is for new users only, creating an account with Revolut for the first time.

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