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The checkout object

The checkout object

To initiate a checkout object, Instance is passed as an argument to the consuming function of the RevolutCheckout promise (i.e. registered using .then). It's used as the entry point to every payment option exposed by RevolutCheckout e.g., to open a payment pop-up window, create a card field or create a payment request.

Compared to the Payments object, payment options related to the Instance object require an order token (token) to be created before checkout.

See an example initiating the payWithPopup method:

type Instance = {
payWithPopup: InstancePayWithPopup;
createCardField: InstanceCreateCardField;
revolutPay: InstanceRevolutPay;
destroy: () => void;

RevolutCheckout("<token>").then(function (instance) {
onSuccess() {
window.alert("Thank you!");
onError(message) {
window.alert("Oh no :(");
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