Merchant Android SDKs

Introduction to the Revolut Merchant Android SDK

Welcome to the official documentation for Revolut Merchant Android SDKs. As a merchant, integrating seamless and efficient payment solutions into your Android applications is vital for an enhanced customer experience. Our SDKs are designed to serve your diverse payment needs, offering a smooth and secure payment journey.

Currently, this documentation focuses on one key SDK:

  1. Revolut Pay Android SDK: This SDK allows you to integrate Revolut Pay into your Android applications, enabling your customers to make fast and secure payments via Revolut Pay within the apps. It's designed to simplify your checkout process by offering a frictionless payment experience.

The Revolut Pay Android SDK has features that make it a robust and versatile choice for incorporating payment solutions into your app. It's built to facilitate an intuitive and hassle-free integration process, ensuring that you can focus on what matters most - your business and your customers.

We invite you to explore this documentation to understand how the Revolut Pay Android SDK can be integrated into your applications, its unique features, and implementation guidelines. Our goal is to assist you in leveraging Revolut's technology to offer a superior payment experience to your customers.

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