Business API


To make a fund transfer or payment, add the counterparty that you intend to transact with. You can then retrieve one or all counterparties, or delete a counterparty.

Request and response examples can vary based on the account provider's location and type of the counterparty. For more information, see: Tutorials: Create a counterparty.


In the Sandbox environment, you cannot add "real" people and businesses as Revolut counterparties. Therefore, to help you simulate Create a counterparty requests, we have created some test accounts:

  • Personal counterparty (use the mobile field): +4412345678900, +4412345678901, +4412345678902, ... , +4412345678909

If you are on a freelancer account, to be compliant with PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication regulations, you must manually approve the counterparty with 2-factor authentication (2FA) on the Revolut Business Portal before you can make a payment. This can ensure maximum security in case of access token leakages and other fraudulent activities.

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