Business API


Manage counterparties that you intend to transact with.

Request and response examples can vary based on the account provider's location and type of the counterparty. For more information, see the guides: Create a counterparty.


In the Sandbox environment, you cannot add real people and businesses as Revolut counterparties. Therefore, to help you simulate Create a counterparty requests, we have created some test accounts for counterparties of profile type personal.

To add a counterparty via Revtag, use one of these pairs for the name and revtag fields respectively:

  • Test User 1 & john1pvki
  • Test User 2 & john2pvki
  • ...
  • Test User 9 & john9pvki

If you are on a freelancer account, to be compliant with PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication regulations, you must manually approve the counterparty with 2-factor authentication (2FA) on the Revolut Business Portal before you can make a transfer. This can ensure maximum security in case of access token leakages and other fraudulent activities.

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