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Global customer access controls

Global customer access controls

From 1st January 2021, we made changes to which third-parties are able to access Revolut customer data across the globe. This depends on the type of certificate held, the regulator of the third-party and the type of endpoints used.

For those that are in possession of both OBIE and eIDAS certificates, please read the below carefully before deciding what certificate to use for your integration.

For Revolut Partners, all functionality is available, please reach out for further details.

Revolut EntityCertificate TypeEndpoints
Revolut LTD (UK customers)OBIE, eIDAS (third-parties on the FCA's TPR only), Revolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
Revolut Payments UAB (EEA customers)eIDAS, Revolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
Revolut France Succursale De Revolut Payments UABeIDAS, Revolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
Revolut Technologies Singapore Pte LtdOBIE, eIDAS, Revolut PartnersAccounts
Revolut Technologies Inc. USOBIE, eIDAS, Revolut PartnersAccounts
Revolut Payments Australia Pty LtdRevolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
Revolut Payments New Zealand Pty LtdRevolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
Revolut Technologies Japan IncRevolut PartnersAccounts, Payments
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