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For the complete list of Open Banking terms, we recommend viewing the official glossary.

AISPAccount Information Service ProviderAn Account Information Service provides account information services as an online service to provide consolidated information on one or more payment accounts held by a payment service user (PSU) with one or more payment service provider(s) (PSPs).
ASPSPAccount Servicing Payment Service ProviderAccount Servicing Payment Service Providers provide and maintain a payment account for a payer as defined by the PSRs and, in the context of the Open Banking Ecosystem are entities that publish Read/Write APIs to permit, with customer consent, payments initiated by third party providers and/or make their customers’ account transaction data available to third party providers via their API end points.
CBPIICard Based Payment Instrument IssuerCard Based Payment Instrument Issuers facilitate card payments from cardholders to Third Party Providers (TPPs) who do not have access to the cardholder's funds in such a way that the CBPIIs issue card-based payment instruments. The customer can use them to initiate card payments from payment accounts held with another service provider. Prior to authorising the payment, a CBPII has the right to obtain from the cardholder a confirmation that their payment account holds enough money for the payment to be successful (Confirmation of Funds), and if it doesn't, to decline the transaction.
PISPPayment Initiation Service ProviderPayment Initiation Service Providers facilitate payments between a merchant and the customer in such a way that they can be authorised to connect to the customer's bank account and initiate a payment from that account directly. The payment is made on behalf of the customer, and must be authenticated by the customer, for example with biometrics through a mobile notification. The customer's credentials are not shared with the merchant.
PSUPayment Service UserPayment Service Users, also referred to as customers, are the users of different services provided by AISPs, ASPSPs, CBPIIs and PISPs.
TPPThird Party ProviderThird Party Providers are organisations or natural persons that use APIs developed to Standards to access customer’s accounts, in order to provide account information services and/or to initiate payments. Third Party Providers are either/both Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and/or Account Information Service Providers (AISPs).

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