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Configure the Shopify Payment App

Configure the Shopify Payment App

Once you have installed the Shopify Payment App, you can test your Revolut setup by simulating successful and failed transactions.

Test in the Sandbox environment

Select the Enable test mode checkbox and click the Save button.

Shopify - Test mode

You can start testing payments using our test cards.

Reorder payment gateways on your Shopify checkout page


Reordering payment gateways is only available for Shopify Plus accounts.

This guide provides instructions for changing the display order of payment gateways on Shopify stores' checkout page.

Shopify lets you interact with your installed payment gateways via Shopify Scripts. You can use these scripts to reorganise the payment gateways' display order on your checkout page. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard and navigate to Apps > Script Editor.

  2. Click on Create script.

  3. On the pop-up window, navigate to the Payment gateways tab, select Blank template, and click Create script.

  4. Navigate to the Code panel, and delete the default code from the Ruby source code section.

  5. Depending on which gateway app you installed, copy-paste the following script in the Ruby source code section:

    desired_order = ["Revolut Pay", "Shopify Payments", "Cash on Delivery (COD)", "Money Order"]
    Output.payment_gateways = Input.payment_gateways.sort_by do |payment_gateway|
    desired_order.index( || Float::INFINITY

    The desired_order list should contain the name of your installed payment gateways. The order of elements from left to right will determine the display order of the payment gateways from top to bottom on the checkout page.

  6. Modify the order of items to change the display order of payment gateways. For higher conversion rates, we recommend displaying Revolut's gateways at the first place.

  7. Click Run script, then see the results on your preview store.

  8. Save or publish your script:

    • Click Save draft to save an unpublished draft.
    • Click Save and publish to save and activate your script.

The following limitations apply to scripts:

  • Shopify Scripts do not interact with accelerated or express checkouts like Apple Pay or Google Pay. For more information, see: Accelerated checkouts and dynamic checkout buttons.
  • Shopify Scripts will be deprecated on August 28, 2025, and replaced by Shopify Functions. Our documentation will be updated with guides on migrating to Shopify Functions to assist you in the transition.
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