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Test cards

Test cards

To test your various payment flows for a variety of scenarios, you can use the following test card numbers that Revolut provides.


Test cards will only work in the Sandbox environment.

Test for successful payments

Use the following test cards to simulate successful payments in the Sandbox environment. You can also use them to test the use case of charging a customer's saved payment method.

Use any 3-digit CVV and any future expiry date (MM/YY).

Card PANBrand

Test for error cases

Use the following test cards to create payments that produce error codes in the Sandbox environment. This is useful when you want to:

  • See how different errors are shown to your customers.
  • Implement custom error handling.

Use any 3-digit CVV and any future expiry date (MM/YY).

Card PANCase
4929573638125985DECLINED due to insufficient funds
4532336743874205DECLINED due to card being expired
2720998837779594DECLINED due to Do Not Honour

This error happens when your customer's bank declines the transaction due to internal reasons. For example, their fraud rules might have been triggered or a temporary hold may have been applied to this card.
5215674115127070DECLINED due to the issuing bank needing additional verification. A message is returned from your bank that should be displayed to the cardholder.
2223000010479399Order stuck in PROCESSING state

This card is useful to test what would happen with your implementation if the order took longer than expected to complete.
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