Open Banking API
Register an application

Register an application

Register an application via DCR. This endpoint accepts only JWT, which needs to be precalculated.

For more information, see Register your application using DCR: Create a JWT.


Each Open Banking API must contain an authorization header in the following format to make a call: Bearer <yourAccessToken>.

Before you start, ensure that you've got an access token with the correct scope using the /token endpoint. You need to get the authorization code first and exchange it for an access token.


Never share your access_token with anyone, as it can be used to access the banking data that you have access to and initiate transactions.

For more information, see Tutorial: Get account and transaction information and Tutorial: Initiate your first payment as examples.


Open Banking API Payment requests additionally require a JSON Web Signature (JWS) which needs to be added to the header of the request. The JWS signature must be obtained using the full content of the payload.


Provide a JWT signed with a valid signing key

Request body
Body string 

A JWT calculated for your application, signed with a valid signing key.


Successfully created application

Response body
Body object

The principal that issued the JWT.

The time the JWT was issued, which is used to determine the age of the JWT. Provided in seconds in Unix timestamp format.

The expiration time starting from which the JWT must not be accepted for processing. Provided in seconds in Unix timestamp format.

Possible values: [web, mobile]

The type of application. Either web or mobile.

The Client ID used to identify the application.

Possible values: [tls_client_auth]

Specifies the authentication method for the /token endpoint. Currently, only tls_client_auth is supported.

Distinguished name of the transport certificate used by the TPP.

Software statement assertion issued by the issuer.

The data model for the software statements issued by the Open Banking directory are documented as part of the Directory Specification.

Possible values: [PS256]

The signing algorithm used to sign the id_token JWTs. Currently, only PS256 is supported.

Possible values: [PS256]

The signing algorithm used to sign request objects. Currently, only PS256 is supported.

List of registered URIs that the TPP will use to interact with the ASPSP.

Public URI endpoint where the TPP has uploaded their JWKS in JSON format.

Accepted grant types. A JSON array specifying what the TPP can request to be supplied to the /token endpoint in exchange for an access token.

List of scopes that the TPP has access to, separated by spaces.

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