Open Banking API
List draft payments

List draft payments

Get draft payments list sorted by creation time in descending order.

See also Tutorials: Work with draft payments and Tutorials: Create your first draft payment.


Each Open Banking API must contain an authorization header in the following format to make a call: Bearer <yourAccessToken>.

Before you start, ensure that you've got an access token with the correct scope using the /token endpoint. You need to get the authorization code first and exchange it for an access token.


Never share your access_token with anyone, as it can be used to access the banking data that you have access to and initiate transactions.

For more information, see Tutorial: Get account and transaction information and Tutorial: Initiate your first payment as examples.


Open Banking API Payment requests additionally require a JSON Web Signature (JWS) which needs to be added to the header of the request. The JWS signature must be obtained using the full content of the payload.


Query Parameters
Query Parameters

Creation time inclusive lower bound in UTC ISO 8601 Date Time format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm

Creation time exclusive upper bound in UTC ISO 8601 Date Time format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm

Maximum number of items


Draft Payment List

Response body
Body object

The ID of the draft payment.

Date time when the draft payment was created.

Possible values: [Awaiting, Processed, Approved, Deleted]

The status of the draft payment.

The execution date the draft payment is requested.

Title of the draft payment.

Links relevant to the payload.

Relative URI to the next page.

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