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Create a draft payment

Create a draft payment

Before you begin, ensure that you've got an access token. For information about getting the access token, see Tutorial: Create your first draft payment. Then, you can use the /draft_payments endpoint to create a draft payment on behalf of a user, and the draft payment appears in the user account where they can approve or reject.

In addition, you can use this endpoint to make multiple draft payments by creating new rows for new drafts with the supported CSV format shown in the following tables.

For each draft payment request you make, ensure that the same currency is used. Upon a successful request for multiple draft payments, you receive a DraftPaymentID that represents all the draft payments associated with this request.

Please note that the maximum number of rows in a CSV file is 50 and all the payments must be in the same currency.


Download an example CSV file.


scheduledDatequeryThe date and time the draft payment is executed. Any draft payment in the CSV file is created as a scheduled payment.No

CSV Format

NameYesCan contain up to 80 characters. If recipient type is INDIVIDUAL, this field must contain a first and a last name, separated by a space.
Recipient typeYesCan be either INDIVIDUAL or COMPANY.
Account numberFor non-IBAN accountsMust contain a valid account number if provided.
Sort code or Routing numberFor UK/US local transfersMust contain a valid sort code or routing number if provided.
IBANFor IBAN accountsMust contain a valid IBAN if provided.
BICAll the countries except for UK/US localMust contain a valid BIC if provided.
Recipient bank countryYesMust contain a valid ISO 3166-1 country code.
CurrencyYesMust contain a valid ISO 4217 currency code.
AmountYesMatch the pattern: [0-9]*(\\.[0-9]*)?
Payment referenceYesCan contain up to 100 characters.
Recipient countryNoMust contain a valid ISO 3166-1 country code if provided.
State or provinceNoCan contain up to 50 characters.
Address line 1NoCan contain up to 50 characters.
Address line 2NoCan contain up to 50 characters.
CityNoCan contain up to 50 characters.
Postal codeNoCan contain up to 50 characters.


For the format of the CSV file, check the tables above.

Query Parameters
Header Parameters


Draft Payment Details

Body object
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