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Create an international payment consent

Create an international payment consent

Create an international payment consent described in the Open Banking API documentation: Account and Transaction API Specification.

Use international payments for international SWIFT payments in all currencies supported by Revolut.


Only the payments with InstructedAmount in the same currency as CurrencyOfTransfer are supported.

However, users can select which account to be charged in the consent authorization UI even if the selected account is in a different currency.

In such a case, the ExchangeRateInformation response field contains information about the ExchangeRate between SourceCurrency and CurrencyOfTransfer. If the user doesn't have enough funds on the selected account, the consent authorization is rejected.

When you make the API call, ensure that you:

  • Pass the x-jws-signature header in your request. The signature is generated from the request body with the TPP signing key that is specified in the JWS header.
  • Pass head and signature in the <jws_head>..<jws_signature> format.

The international payments API is in beta.



Header Parameters
Body object


International Payment Consents Created

HTTP Headers
Body object
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