Merchant API
Pay for an order

Pay for an order

Initiate a payment to pay full amount for an order using a customer's saved payment method.


The /orders/{order_id}/confirm endpoint has been deprecated. It will be only supported for already existing implementations.


This endpoint is part of a new API, pay attention to the different endpoint URL.

For more information about how to save and charge payment methods, see: Charge a customer's saved payment method.

The following table shows who can initiate payments on saved payment methods (initiator parameter), depending on if the payment method was saved for the customer or the merchant (savedPaymentMethodFor parameter):

savePaymentMethodFor: customersavePaymentMethodFor: merchant
initiator: customerAllowedAllowed
initiator: merchantNot allowedAllowed

For more information about customers' payment methods, see: Retrieve all payment methods of a customer operation.



The saved_payment_method object only accepts type: card at the moment.

Path Parameters
Body object


Payment initiated

Body object
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