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We highly recommend using versioning in your API calls. If you don't provide a version header on the operations where it's required, you will receive an error response.

About API versioning

The Merchant API is versioned, meaning that in different API versions specific operations behave differently: consuming or returning different data, accepting different path parameters or enum values, etc. The API version name is based on the date when the respective version was released. For example, the API version 2023-09-01 was released on Fri, 1 Sep 2023.


The Merchant API is transitioning to header versioning, with some endpoints already updated, while others still using path versioning.

If the Revolut-Api-Version header is present in the API specification, it signifies header versioning is required for that endpoint.

Using versioning will be mandatory for future releases. Integrations using older versions stay working and past versions won't be decommissioned.

Breaking changes

When breaking changes are deployed, a new API version will be released. Breaking changes are changes that could break an integration, these changes include:

  • removing an entire operation
  • removing or renaming a parameter
  • removing or renaming a response field
  • adding a new required parameter
  • making a previously optional parameter required
  • changing the type of a parameter or response field
  • removing enum values
  • adding a new validation rule to an existing parameter
  • changing authentication or authorization requirements

Non-breaking changes

Non-breaking (additive) changes will be available in all supported API versions. Non-breaking changes are changes that should not break an integration, these changes include:

  • adding an operation
  • adding an optional parameter
  • adding an optional request header
  • adding a response field
  • adding a response header
  • adding enum values

Request header versioning

The Merchant API uses request header versioning. Where it is required you need to use the Revolut-Api-Version header parameter to specify an API version. Each request, where it is indicated in the API specification, must contain a version header in the following format:

'Revolut-Api-Version: 2023-09-01'

The Merchant API will return a 400 error response in the following cases regarding versioning:

  • Using an invalid Revolut-Api-Version header, invalid values include:
    • non-existent API versions,
    • API versions removed from the list of supported versions
  • Not providing the Revolut-Api-Version header where it's required

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