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Update application data

Update application data

To update the details for an existing application, you must send a PUT request to the /register endpoint. In the request, you must include the JSON Web Token (JWT) of your application.

To learn how to obtain the JWT, review the information in Register your application using DCR: Create a JWT.



Requests must be authenticated with an access token with any valid scope (accounts, payments or openid) and must contain the Client ID of the application. You also need to provide the updated JWT of your application.

access_tokenAccess token.
client_idClient ID of your application.
updated_JWTUpdated JWT of your application.
JWSJSON Web Signature.

To learn how to create a JWS, see Work with JSON Web Signatures.


curl -X PUT<client_id> \
-k --cert transport.pem --key private.key \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>'
-H 'x-jws-signature: <JWS>' \
--data '<updated_JWT>'


The response contains a JSON object with the updated details for your application:

JWT payloadDescription
client_idThe Client ID of your application.
token_endpoint_auth_methodThe authentication method. Always tls_client_auth.
tls_client_auth_dnThe distinguished name (DN) of the transport certificate.
id_token_signed_response_algThe signing algorithm used to sign the id_token JWTs. Currently, only PS256 is supported.
request_object_signing_algThe signing algorithm used to sign request objects. Currently, only PS256 is supported.
redirect_urisList of allowed redirect URIs.
org_jwks_endpointYour JWKs endpoint.
org_nameYour organisation name.
scopeList of scopes currently assigned to your application.


"client_id": "<your client_id>",
"token_endpoint_auth_method": "tls_client_auth",
"tls_client_auth_dn": "<your DN value>",
"id_token_signed_response_alg": "PS256",
"request_object_signing_alg": "PS256",
"redirect_uris": [
"org_jwks_endpoint": "<your jwks_url>",
"org_name": "<your org_name>",
"scope": [
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