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Register an application

Register an application

To update the information for an existing application, send a PUT request to the /register endpoint.


You must provide the following headers and parameters to the request.


  • access_token: mandatory

Query string

  • client_id: mandatory


In the request body, you can pass the updated JWT for the specified application. For simplicity, use the same JWT you created for the registration request but only with the updated fields because any additional fields are ignored.

Application propertyCorresponding JWT field
Application nameThe org_name or the software_client_name field that is present in the SSA.
Redirect URIsThe redirect_uris field in the SSA.
JWKs URLThe org_jwks_endpoint field in the SSA.
Distinguished nameThe tls_client_auth_dn field in the JWT payload.


curl -X PUT<insert client_id> \
-k --cert transport.pem --key private.key \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <your token>'


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