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Refund payments

Refund payments


To learn more about how to take card payments, see: Card payments.

You can refund card payments using the Merchant API.

Once you have an order that is in completed state, you can use the Refund an order endpoint to start a refund.

If the API call is successful, a refund order will be created and associated with the original order. To track the status changes of the refund order, use the Retrieve an order endpoint.

(Optional) Partially refund an order

You can also refund the amount of a payment partially by sending an amount in the body of the refund API request. See a request body example:

"amount": 100

You can do multiple partial refunds as long as the remaining amount in the order (i.e. the money that is still kept from the user) is lower than the amount refunded.

For example, if you have a completed order for €100, and you refund €60 in a partial refund operation, you can only refund €40 or less in subsequent partial refund operations.

What's next

  • If your business relies heavily on charging and returning money, it might be more beneficial to capture payments separately from the payment process. This is because authorising and releasing card payments does not incur any fees, whereas taking payments and refunding them, will have associated fees. See our guide to Authorise an amount to capture later
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