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Introduction to the Merchant API

The Revolut Merchant account is a sub account under your current Revolut Business account. As a Revolut Business customer, you can use your Revolut Merchant account and the Merchant API to accept online payments straight into your Merchant account. In addition, you can manage orders and customers.

Depending on how your e-commerce website is hosted, you can choose the corresponding checkout method to accept payments to your Merchant account:

  • Installing an e-commerce platform plugin: If you have your website running on WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento 2, BigCommerce, OpenCart, or Shopify e-commerce platform, install the corresponding plugin that Revolut has created. This doesn't require manual integration with the Merchant API. Revolut will support more plugins in the future. For more information, see Plugins.

  • Adding a Revolut Checkout Widget: If your website is not running on the platforms above, or if you want to customize the checkout experience, add a Revolut Checkout Widget to the checkout page, which can be either a payment pop-up window or a card field. You must manually integrate the widget with the Merchant API. To get started, see: Tutorials: Accept your first payment.

  • Adding a Revolut Pay button: If you want to integrate a Revolut Pay button into your checkout process on your website or in your application, to manage card payments and payments via customer's Revolut app, see: Tutorials: Accept payments via Revolut Pay.

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