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Configuration options

Configuration options

Revolut Ramp aspires to support various customisation options. The list will grow based on our Partners' requests.

Manage User Experience

You have a few options to customise user experience.

Pass the information for the user

Using our API you can pass the following parameters to us with/without allowing the user to change them:

  • Fiat Amount
  • Currency
  • Token
  • Region
  • Wallet

Speed up the purchase

If you gather some of the data required for the transaction yourself, optimise UX by skipping screens:

  • Wallet
  • Region

When choosing customisation options, make sure you understand correctly what each option means. If in doubt, please contact the engineering team via the communication channel established during the onboarding.

If you are interested in additional configuration options such as configuring default parameters, setting up additional limits or managing widget design, please reach out to our Sales team or directly to Abhishek Garodia and Daniel Jebsen.

Contact our Sales team
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