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Features and available operations

Features and available operations

The Revolut Gateway for PrestaShop plugin enables you to accept online payments via your PrestaShop store easily. Additionally, there are other operations that can be made directly from your PrestaShop store:

Capture an order from PrestaShop's admin panel

With this plugin, you can handle the capture of the orders from PrestaShop's admin panel.

To do it, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Setting section, enable Authorize Only mode. When a customer places an order, the status of the order in PrestaShop will be Awaiting check payment by default.
  2. To capture the funds for a specific order, change the status of any order to Payment accepted.

You can change which status captures the funds by modifying the settings as explained in the Advanced mode section of the settings.

Refund an order from PrestaShop's admin panel

After the funds of an order have been captured, you can refund the amount of an order using PrestaShop's admin panel.

To do so, in the Advanced mode section, change the status of Order Status for triggering the refund on Revolut to Refunded.

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