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Configure the OpenCart plugin

Configure the OpenCart plugin

When you've successfully installed the OpenCart plugin, configure the plugin properly to enable you to perform operations.

Available configurations

Below you can find a walkthrough of the configuration options of this plugin and a description for each one:

  • Merchant API Key: Enter the Sandbox API Secret key or the Production API Secret key.
  • Mode: Depending on which environment to use the plugin in, set to Sandbox or Live.
  • Title: Enter the title displayed on the checkout page.
  • Enable "Authorize Only" mode:
    • To check the card for validity only but not charge the account until the order is approved, select this check box.
    • To charge the debit/credit card when the order is placed, clear this check box.
  • Total: The checkout total the order must reach before this payment method becomes active.
  • Geo Zone: Payment method will be active only for selected zones.
  • Status: Set to Enabled to enable the Revolut Payment Gateway plugin on your OpenCart website.
  • Setup webhook: Set up the webhook to synchronize your OpenCart orders when an order is completed on Revolut's side.

Test the plugin in the Sandbox environment

You can make test payments using the plugin in the Sandbox environment.

To do that, complete the following steps:

Complete the fields in the Settings section:

For more information about testing the integration, see Test in the Sandbox environment.

Use the plugin in the production environment

When you are ready to start accepting payments in your store using the Revolut Gateway for OpenCart plugin, configure the following fields in the Settings section:

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