Revolut Pay Mobile SDK
Available methods
  • Mandatory SDK initialization:

    RevolutPayments.revolutPay.init(environment: RevolutPayEnvironment, returnUri: String, merchantPublicKey: String, requestShipping: Boolean)
  • Button instantiation:

    context: Context,
    params: ButtonParams
    ): RevolutPayButton
  • Create Revolut Pay promotional banner widget:

    context: Context,
    params: BannerParams
    ): RevolutPayButton
  • Set up the callback to be invoked once the user clicks the Revolut Pay button:

    Controller.setHandler(onClick: (ConfirmationFlow) -> Unit)
  • Set up the callback to be invoked once the payment is successfully confirmed or failed:

    Controller.setOrderResultCallback(orderResultCallback: OrderResultCallback)
  • Set up orderToken once the order has been created:

    ConfirmationFlow.setOrderToken(orderToken: String)
  • Attach an instance of Lifecycle to the button:

    ConfirmationFlow.attachLifecycle(lifecycle: Lifecycle)
  • Proceed with the payment once orderToken and Lifecycle has been set:

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