Merchant Web SDK


Load the embed script and create an instance for the order token.

type RevolutCheckout = (
'public_id': string,
mode?: 'prod' | 'sandbox' = 'prod'
) => Promise<Instance>;


Initialise the widget using an order token (also called public_id) and declaring the environment that you want to use:

RevolutCheckout("<PUBLIC_ID>", "prod").then(function (instance) {
// Work with instance:
// instance.payWithPopup()
// instance.createCardField()
// ...
<PUBLIC_ID>The public_id is passed as the parameter to call the widget instance. You can find the value of public_id in the response when you create an order on the Merchant API.StringYes
modeThe environment of the Merchant API you wish to use. Default: prod. Possible values:

  • prod
  • sandbox

Returns a Promise with an order Instance.


The environment that you use must match the environment you used to create the order you want to make a payment for.

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