Merchant iOS SDKs
Error codes

Error codes

When using the SDK, you might encounter various errors. Below is a table of common error codes and messages returned by onResult callback, along with their descriptions to help you identify and resolve issues quickly.

Error codeError messageDescription
genericError - 0Something went wrongThis error indicates a general failure in the SDK. It might be caused by unexpected conditions that don't fit into more specific error categories.
internalInconsistency - 1Internal inconsistencyThis error is thrown when there's an internal inconsistency detected within the SDK's processing. It often points to issues with the SDK's state or logic.
anotherOperationInProgress - 2Another operation is in progressThis error occurs when a new operation is attempted while another one is still in progress. The SDK requires the current operation to be completed or cancelled before starting a new one.
handshakeLost - 3Handshake lostThis error signifies that the handshake with the server was lost and client can't be sure of the current state of the request. It often indicates connectivity issues.
flowDismissedByUser - 101Flow has been dismissed by userThis error is triggered when a user-initiated action dismisses or interrupts an operation.
accessTokenIsNil - 301Access token is NILThis error occurs when the access token, which is essential for authentication and communication with the server, is not available or has not been set. It suggests a problem in the authentication process or token management in your application.
invalidAuthenticationCredentials - 302Invalid authentication credentialsThis error indicates that the credentials provided for authentication (like username, password, or client ID) are incorrect or malformed. It often occurs during login or when establishing a secure connection with the server.
connectionError - 400Error when attempting to connect to terminalThis error signifies a failure in establishing a connection with the terminal. Possible causes include network issues, incorrect configuration, or an unreachable terminal.
bluetoothUnavailable - 401Bluetooth unavailableThis error is triggered when bluetooth functionality is needed but is either turned off or not functioning properly on the device.
failedToFetchBatteryState - 500Failed to fetch battery stateThis error occurs when the system is unable to retrieve the current battery state of the terminal. It could be due to communication issues between the device and the terminal.
updateError - 501Error when attempting to update the terminalThis error arises during attempts to update the terminal's firmware, indicating that the update process was unsuccessful. Possible causes could be network issues, corrupted update files, or compatibility problems.
currencyNotSupported - 700Currency is not supportedThis error arises when the specified currency for a transaction is not supported by the SDK or the underlying payment platform. See list of supported currencies.
amountNotSupported - 701Amount is not supportedThis error indicates that the amount specified for the transaction is invalid.
paymentError - 702Error when making paymentThis is a general error for any issues encountered during the payment process.
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