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Disconnecting and reconnecting the Xero app

If you encounter errors with the synchronization of your accounts or you are seeing the warning that Xero is in an invalid state, you might need to reconnect your Xero app.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Revolut Business Portal.

  2. Click the Hub section on the left navigation panel (or visit this link).

  3. Open the Xero app and click the black cog symbol in the top right corner to access the app settings:

    Revolut Business: Xero - Main screen

  4. Click the Disconnect button and confirm:

    Revolut Business: Xero - App settings

  5. Now that the app is disconnected, you need to reconnect it. Find and select the Xero app in the Revolut Business Hub and click the Get button.

  6. You will be redirected to Xero to grant permissions to Revolut Business to do the necessary operations to sync your payments and accounts. Click Allow access.

  7. Since the accounts are already created in Xero as Bank accounts, you need to map them. To do so, follow through the process from: Step 2. Sync Merchant accounts.

Disconnecting the Revolut integration from Xero

You might have to do this if you have more than one organisation linked with the same Revolut account and you're running into trouble when trying to allow access to Revolut Business to make any changes on your Xero Organisation.

  1. Go to the Connected Apps section in your Organisation settings in Xero.
  2. Search for Revolut for Business (apps are ordered alphabetically, in case you can't find it on the first page).
  3. Click the three dots to the right of Revolut for Business and select Disconnect.

Done! When you go back to your Revolut Business account you will most probably see a banner telling you that Xero is in an invalid state. To reconnect the app, follow the steps detailed in Disconnecting and reconnecting the Xero app.

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