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Verify implementation

Verify implementation


The Sandbox environment is designed to replicate the production environment's behaviour, with the key difference being the absence of app redirection due to the lack of a sandbox version of the Revolut retail app.

To validate and test your Revolut Pay implementation, you can use the Revolut Business Sandbox environment.

Configure the SDK for sandbox testing by setting the environment parameter to .sandbox in RevolutPayKit.configure(with:).

In the sandbox environment, authentication and payment flows always use the web view, as there is no dedicated sandbox retail app. This means, you can only test the following case:

  • Native flow: As there is no Revolut app available in the Sandbox environment, in order to be able to test payment flows with native interface reach out to us to receive test customer credentials you can use for testing.
  • WebView flow: Regardless of whether the Revolut app is installed or not, login and payment processes will occur through the web view within your app. There will be no redirection to the Revolut app in this environment.


Ensure your app is set to the .production environment before release!

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