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Accept payments via Revolut Pay - Mobile

The Revolut Pay SDK for iOS or Android lets you accept Revolut Pay payments from Revolut users directly in your app.

The SDKs allow you to create a Revolut Pay button enabling your users to pay through Revolut Pay for their items. And interact with the Revolut Retail app to verify the payment status.

This guide walks you through the integration process.

Before you start this tutorial, ensure that you have completed the following steps:

  1. Install the SDK
  2. Support the Revolut app URL scheme
  3. Configure the SDK
  4. Create Revolut Pay button
  5. Display the button
  6. Add URL handler
  7. Enable biometrics and passkeys support
  8. (Optional) Add the Revolut Pay promotional banner

You can find the iOS SDK in this repository.

You can also check out an example project to test the SDK and understand how to implement it. You can find the example under Releases/<SDK-version>/RevolutPay/ExampleApp/ in the SDK repository.


Refer to the SDK's Xcode reference documentation for detailed usage of any component and more explanations.

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