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Payment confirmation

Payment confirmation

After the order is created and the ConfirmationFlow.continueConfirmationFlow() has been invoked, there might be 2 different flows that will allow the user to confirm the payment. Which flow is going to be utilized for the particular user is based on the presence/absence of the Revolut Retail app on their device.

If the Revolut Retail app is installed, it is opened to allow the user to confirm the payment within the app. This will simplify the confirmation procedure for the user, since the user most likely has a Revolut account signed in within the app. In this case, the user has to enter their passcode and simply click the Confirm button. Once the payment is confirmed, a success message is displayed and the user is redirected to your app.

However, it's possible that the user doesn't have the Revolut app installed. In such case, they won't leave the app where the SDK is integrated. Instead, the SDK will open an activity that includes a webview, which is going to be used to let the user make the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, the activity is automatically closed and the user is redirected to the screen where the Revolut Pay button is integrated.

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