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Failure reasons

Failure reasons

A payment towards an order can be DECLINED or FAILED for a reason. You can check it from the failure_reason field under payments in the response.

The following table lists the most common reasons that are mapped to human-readable values:

failure_reason valueDescription
do_not_honourThe customer's bank declines the payment because it fails the authorization process. The most common reasons are:

  1. The bank's fraud rules are triggered.
  2. The bank has placed a temporary hold on the customer's card.
  3. The purchase session is locked due to multiple declined payments.
  4. The seller is located in a different country from that of the card issuing bank.
3ds_challenge_abandonedThe customer has abandoned the 3DS challenge without completing it.
3ds_challenge_failedThe customer has failed the 3DS challenge.
3ds_challenge_failed_manuallyThe customer has failed the 3DS challenge manually.
insufficient_fundsThe account associated with the payment method used doesn't have sufficient funds to make the payment.
transaction_not_allowed_for_cardholderThe customer's bank doesn't allow the cardholder to make the payment.
high_riskThe transaction has been declined due to high risk. This can be a trigger from both the issuing bank and internal Revolut tools.
cardholder_name_missingThe cardholder name is missing. This is a required parameter to make a card payment.
unknown_cardThe card can't be identified. Ensure that you don't use a test card in the production mode.
invalid_cardThe card number provided is invalid.
invalid_emailThe email provided doesn't have a valid format.
restricted_cardThe issuing bank has a restriction on the card. Ask the customer to contact their bank for more details.
expired_cardThe card provided has expired.
withdrawal_limit_exceededThe withdrawal limit for a specific card or account has been reached or exceeded. Ask the customer to contact their bank to extend this limit.
pick_up_cardThe card has been reported as lost or stolen. The issuing bank has given the instruction to pick up the card and notify the issuing bank so that it can be returned to its rightful owner.
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